I’ve been down for so long now that it looks like up to me
Grown accustomed to my bones, made a friend of misery
Suspicious of change and set in my ways
Holding on to what I know
Staying in control for the fear I fall
Disappear if I let go

When I lose myself, what a feeling, what a feeling
When I’m someone else, when I’m dreaming, when I’m dreaming
When I leave myself for the freedom without reason
When I loose myself, what a feeling, what a feeling

Caught inside myself I hide
From the roles that we must play
Searching for an open door or a change to come my way
Should I play it safe, take a leap of faith into unknown territory
There’s a fire burning in my soul and it’s taking over me

Life is an illusion when I’m in another space
From the depths of my confusion everything falls into place
In a different situation when I’m moving with the flow
All the anger and frustration disappear when I let go

Even in the darkest night as the sun begins the day
Stepping out into the light, seeing in another way
The sea of change, another page from the old ways to depart
I’ll appreciate this precious life when I open up my heart.