This is the river, go with the flow
This is the water, over the stones
Out of the harbour, catching the breeze
Riding the waves, into the sea

Day in, day out

Caught by the forces of nature, the turbulent depths of the air
You’re just a drop in the ocean a million miles from nowhere

Under the blue skies, guided by stars
Silently moving through isobars
Great clouds are gathering, darkness at dawn
Arrows of water, eye of the storm

Tides in, tides out

Tossing and turning and crashing and burning
Until you can’t take anymore
You’re just a fragment of driftwood
That could be washed up on the shore

Blinded by water reflecting the sun
No turning back from where you have come
Land like a mirage, growing in size
Your destination, crowning the rise
miles from nowhere, without a care..